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AI-Powered Insurance Targeting

Bind makes it easy for businesses to better understand and target customers with relevant insurance products.

Full featured insurance API that makes you sell more

Reach 100% of your customer base
Broad range of insurance products
Increase your revenue straight to bottom line
Easy implementation into your core product fully embedded
Customizable to your platforms look and feel
Accurate product recommendations
High long-term value to you and your customers
Fully regulated and compliant in the EEA
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What can you do with Bind?

Sell a wide range of insurance products
Target customers with relevant insurance products at high conversion and reach your entire customer base.
Fully embedded within your platform
People want to serve themselves as they do with modern finances. With Bind everthing is fully embedded.
Easy implementation
With our easy-to-use SDK you can get started selling targeted insurance products in a matter of days.
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Strengthen your product offering with relevant insurance

Get a demonstration of Bind and how we help you sell relevant insurance products to all of your customers.
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